Attentats à Paris – 13/11/16

Paris again has been subject to violent attacks, and once again this has had major repercussions across France, and across nations. Here in Australia, people are reeling from the shock.

The situation is difficult to understand. Politics, religion, biases and violences… In this day and age we are notified of everything, but it is hard to know which notifications are the best representation of reality.

It is my hope that the shock of these deaths, the shock of this brutal attack on the city of light, will encourage a reflection on our perceptions. I hope it will challenge us to respond not with fear, but with an awakening. We have taken our stability for granted. Historically, countries such as France (and you could also say Australia) have threatened others to defend their stability. Now we are beginning to see what it means to be threatened on our own soil by people who wish to defend a conflict. It is easy to close your eyes when the trouble doesn’t concern you directly, it is much harder to remain ignorant when the threats extend to those you know or those you identify strongly with. Perhaps out of this sorrow, we will become more aware of the multitude of sorrows that are inflicted daily on others in conflicts throughout the world. Perhaps a more critical engagement with the news and other notifications will arise from these traumas. Perhaps we will grow a desire to replace fear with thanks: thanks for the freedom that we have, regardless of those who threaten us, the sorrows that befall us, and the instability that surrounds us, to live without fear.


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