Cuisine lyonnaise

Lyon is known as a bit of a gastronomic capital and has a long history of cultivating fine foods. Sadly, we didn’t sit down to eat at a local bouchon (restaurant specialising in local Lyonais cuisine) whilst we where there: partially because of our meagre student wallets, but mostly because the restaurants were packed and we wanted a break from the crowds. If I ever find myself back in Lyon, I hope to try le gnafron à la crème (little bites of cured sausage cooked in the fry-pan and served with crème fraîche, eggs, gruyère cheese and a crumb toppping), which is named for a character, gnafron,  in the hand puppet theatre that was popular in Lyon at the turn of the 19th Century. There are a lot of other specialities out there, many of which involve sausage or cured meats. One food which I dare not try, is boeuf haché.  Raw mince beef with a raw egg cracked on top… the description doesn’t leave me with much of an appetite, but I have friends who assure me it is scrumptious. They haven’t won me over yet.


Le gnafron à crème

IMG_8977 (2)

And dessert...

There seem to be a great number of restaurants in central Lyon, and at times it was hard to distinguish the authentic establishments from the tourist traps. We passed one restaurant with a comfy, country atmosphere. The sign above the door read “When chickens have teeth”, which is the French is equivalent to “When pigs fly”. And, that my friends, is when I will try boeuf haché.


One thought on “Cuisine lyonnaise

  1. Sounds scary, but amazing! While I find eating raw meat unsettling, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try it! I’m interested in trying le steak tartare, and am hoping that I won’t get sick from it! The thrill of it, like eating raw oysters (which I love) attracts me to such plates. And so le boeuf haché sounds like my kind of dish! 😛


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