Fête de la musique

Every year in mid-june, France holds a day in celebration of music. Everyone gets out on the street to perform or to attend a free concert or workshop. We found ourselves in Lyon, and were met with a huge variety of vivacious music and festivities.

There was classical music from young students studying at the symposium, there were drummers marching and dancing through the streets, there was a jazz saxophinist drawing inspiration from Arab love songs, there were teens strumming electric guitars, street salsa… the town was alive with music and dance.

At times the sheer amount of noise threatened to overwhelm, but it was a joyous cacophony that encouraged you to relax and just let it flow over you. We crammed ourselves into a small gap in the crowd that had settled in front of La place des Céléstins  to listen to the symphony orchestra perform live and for free.

IMG_9009 (2)

The music was beautiful and varied, as were the people in the crowd. At the end of the night, the orchestra was met with a double encore. The music and the atmosphere were incredible and inspiring, and I was reminded of the wonderful outdoor summer concerts that are sometimes put on by the Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne.

I slept well that night, drifting off to the music of the street, which was comforting and soothing, like a choir in shambles, chanting strange lullabies into the dawn.


One thought on “Fête de la musique

  1. Nice post!! We’ve had the pleasure of being in Paris during the duration of the fete. It’s fun to walk around and see musicians playing all types of music–thanks for a nice memory! It must have been fun to be in Lyon during the fete–we were actually in Cannes this year and music was abound!!!

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