Minature Museum

Whilst walking through Lyon, we stopped by the Miniatures and Cinema Museum in the heart of old Lyon. Due to our limited time, we didn’t actually go in to the museum, but instead simply visited the entry hall and peeked in at the minatures on public display.

IMG_8978 (2)

A minature laundry from the past

It was amazing to see how a whole world had been replicated in a tiny diorama: the attention to detail and the creativity in the materials and items used was exquisite. Some of the scenes were based on a glimpse back into the past, others were inspired by films and hollywood. If you visit the museum, you can see many models and minatures that were used in film- its really fascinating how deceptive models can be when presented on the big screen! Although digital manipulation and CGI is used now days, there is something lovely and tangible about models and masks, as they bring fantasy and reality together in the same space and time, rather than layering the fantasy over the reality.

IMG_8985 (2)

Looking in on a mini-library


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