Dandelion Wishes

IMG_0991 (2)

Sunrise casting a golden glow on the view from the top of my apartment block

The other day I got myself out of bed early to go for a walk. The light was golden and there was something magical about being up and about at this hour. I found a group dandelions sitting in the morning sunshine (despite most of the flora being different in France, the weeds here are the same) just waiting to be wished upon. I’m still fascinated by their complex fragility, the way a gentle puff of air can blow the seeds so far away.

The French have a few ways to talk about this plant. Sometimes called the couronne de moine or ‘monk’s crown’, it is also known as dent-de-lion or ‘lion’s tooth’, a name which was adopted and transformed into dandelion by the English. The most common French name for this weedy flower is pissenlit  and can be more or less translated to ‘piss-in-bed’.

The flowers have been common in France since the middle ages, and have found their way into expressions such as this alternitive to ‘pushing up the daisies’:

manger les pissenlits par la racine

to eat dandelions by the roots

Getting up early to go for a morning walk and taking the time to make dandelion wishes gave me a lovely outlook for the day to come. I think I’ll set my alarm more often.

In response to this week’s Early Bird photo challenge. 


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