La Cathédrale d’Orléans

I made my way slowly through Orléans to arrive at the Cathedral. An impressive gothic construction, the Cathedral is larger than the one in Tours and has an chequered floor which plays with the perception of space and form.

It was cool inside the church, so I didn’t linger too long, but instead went out to buy myself a treat for afternoon tea. I choose un croissant aux amandes. Literally a croissant with almonds, this pastry is usually a little flatter and longer than a normal croissant and often has custard in the centre. I sat myself down on a low wall in front of the cathedral to eat. This was the first time I’d tried one, and it was delicous.

I decided to do some sketching, seeing as it was a Monday afternoon and the museums and galleries were closed. Whilst I was sketching, a man and his wife walked by and came up to see what I was doing. “Hi there. Can I see your picture?” asked the husband. I know English is my native language, but it still suprised me to hear it spoken out of the blue. I showed them my rough sketch and, once I recovered from the shock, had a little chat with them before wishing them well on their travels.  I also met a local musician who talked to me about art and culture in France, the creative process, travel, language, translation and life in Orleans. A short time after they left, a group of dancers arrived to practice their Salsa moves in the square. As I packed up my things and walked back to the station, I passed a bunch of kids on skateboards pulling tricks on the stairs of the nearby art gallery. My short little taste of Orléans was full of culture and life.


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