Local Wildlife

The flowers and sunshine of spring have encouraged a whole lot of insects to come out and play! I went on a walk the other day and stopped to take some pictures of the local invertebrates. The honey bees were buzzing among the white blooms of a tree on my street.

I was watching the bees when I was suprised by the iridescent blue of a flying beetle. I tried to get closer to get a good look, but unfortunately the beetle didn’t stay long before deciding to fly away.

Continuing my walk, I noticed a shiny bronze coloured beetle crossing the path. I crouched down to get a few pictures of his journey. A shadow fell over me and I looked up to see a young man with one foot in a cast, which he hovered over the poor beetle. “So fragile… so easy to crush”, he said (in French of course). I looked up at him, aghast.

“It’s not worth the effort”, he smiled and stepped over the bug. Whether he meant that my photographic efforts weren’t worth it, or he was talking about his intentions to kill the beetle, the fact that this poor bug finds itself threatened, even if only to tease, made my pursuit to take its portrait all the more worthwhile.


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