Hot cross buns…

In the week leading up to Easter, I realised that I was missed the hot cross buns we tend to eat in the months beforehand. I was suprised to learn that my American and Canadian friends, like the French, had never heard of these Easter buns which originally come from the UK. I didn’t have the time to cook some for myself, so I went and bought a pain aux raisins – the closest thing I could find, although it’s nothing like a hot cross bun apart from the sultanas.


My sorry replacement for a hot cross bun (as much as I love these, they just aren’t the same)

It’s one of the first little bursts of homesickness I’ve had: and to think it revolved around something as simple as food. To be honest though, I think what I was really missing was the memory of eating hot cross buns in the afternoons, chatting with my siblings and mum, waiting for the buns to come out warm from the oven, spreading them with butter and fighting over who could take the last piece.

Hot Cross Buns-13

A real hot cross bun:

My friends at MeanderingFoodies have a wonderful hot cross bun recipe, which if I get the time, I’ll be making to share with my friends over here. Perhaps I’ll have to organise an afternoon tea, and we can have ANZAC bicscuits too!


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