Pâques en Printemps

This weekend in France we celebrate Pâques, the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. In Australia, it’s early Autumn around the time of Easter. Here, however, Easter is celebrated in the Spring. In the past few weeks, I have been fascinated by the arrival of Spring. Hints of buds have unfurled to reveal trees in full bloom. Small green tips are protruding from the dead winter branches. Life is unfolding.

Whilst I’ve grown up with Easter cards portraying flowers, birds making nests and baby rabbits hopping through the grass, this is the first time I’ve witnessed the miracle transformation of Winter into Spring in the first half of the year, rather than in late September. The hope that fills me seeing the world transformed from dead and barren to bursting with life helps me understand why we associate these images with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

The flowers blooming, the return of green on the trees, the birdsong chattering in the wind. Hope and life surround me, and as I dwell on this moment of reflection and celebration, I think about how wonderful it is to be living and to enjoy watching the small, gradual changes that together transform one season into another.


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