Easter treats

On my way home from class on Friday, I stopped by a favourite boulangerie (bakery) which I know make their products fresh on site. I wanted to see if they had any special Easter goodies on display- and I also had to buy a baguette. After making my purchase, I dared to go out of my comfort zone. “I’m an exchange student, ” I explained “and I have a little website that I post pictures on. Could I take some photos of your Easter chocolates?”

I was relieved when the Madame beamed at me, and said “Allez-y!” (go right ahead, be my guest). Of all the Easter specialties on display, my favourite were the little yellow fondant chicks… but I was also very impressed by the well decorated chocolate chickens, some nearing the size of a football. There were a lot of people stopping by: some selecting chocolates to pick up on Monday, others coming in for their daily bread ration, some buying treats to take home with them. In between snapping a few pictures, I ended up taking the role of door opener, especially since many of the customers were elderly, and nearly all were weighed down with their shopping- preparing for a few big meals with the family.

Since the shop was crowded, I didn’t linger long. I waited until there was a gap in the serving routine to leave so I could call out a cheerful “Mercie beaucoup, Madame !” (Thank you very much, Madame) along with the usual “au revoir “!” (goodbye). 

IMG_0038 (2)


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