Strasbourg: En famille

Whilst in Strasbourg, Chloe and I stayed with her cousin, his partner and their two gorgeous girls. The older of the two, three year old C, was very excited to have some friends to play with and promptly took us on a tour of her toy box. Little L, around 8 months, was not so happy to have strangers invade… although she warmed up once she got to know us better.

It was wonderful to stay with the next generation of the family, to talk around the dinner table and to hear about the hectic lives of young parents. We were treated to a lovely lasagna, followed by cheese and dessert. Strasbourg is known for a particularly well matured cheese… the stink is not appealing. I braved it though, to take a taste… and surprisingly was not horribly offended, although my tongue felt strange and tingly  for a while afterward. Chloe’s family remain divided on this one: some adore Munster, whilst others absolutely detest it. As for me, I can’t say that I hate it, but I’m not hanging out to try it again.

The cakes for dessert were sublime, as were the pastries for breakfast the next day. Perfect with a tisane (herbal tea) to wash it all down.

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We went out to visit a museum and came back to spend lunch together with the family. We were treated to delicious salmon and broccoli pasta, along with a special suprise. With the help of mum, C had baked us her first cake: a delicious chocolate cake that we all enjoyed… especially the cook herself!

It was refreshing to spend time with the kids, and it was amazing how much new vocabulary they taught me (whilst L doesn’t talk yet, C was a little chatterbox) . With children, you can have conversations on everything around you- all questions are accepted. It’s amazing seeing someone in the progress of learning French as a first language, and this experience reminds me that learning should be about exploring, about using what you have to find out more, being curious enough to play with words until you discover what works best.


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