Chloe and I spent a day in Switzerland, taking the train over the border to Basel. A great city to explore, Basel was an interesting mix of Swiss, German and French influences. We spent the day seeing the sites and visiting several museums.

The Spalentor is a remaining relic of the ancient city walls. The gateway is rather imposing and yet remains ornate. It was worth walking a little out of our way to pass by. IMG_8693 (2)

The Rathaus is the very impressive the town hall. It’s red painted walls and interior courtyard were unlike any building I’ve seen. We also enjoyed visiting the market in the square outside.

Even though we weren’t in France, we were able to use our French to communicate in Basel- which made things much easier. I had a strange moment on the number 6 tram, when a local standing on the footpath outside the doors asked me (in Swiss German) whether it was the number 8. I managed to clearly shake my head and even tried replying, ‘Dis es Sächs’, although I have no clue as to whether this made any sense. She got the message quickly enough, mainly from the head shaking. It was so strange to hop on a train and spend a day  in a different country where a different language is spoken- something which is quite impossible to do in Australia. A day trip to Switzerland- why not?


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