Vintage wheels

From those who love their car brands to those who simply distinguish between cars by their colour, the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse is worth a visit. The Schlumpf collection houses cars from the very first years of car-making right through into the sixties. I loved seeing the progression and development of the manufacturing process – from the building of a brand and style through to the refinement  of the motor and the evolution of speed.

Visiting the museum was like a step back in time. In fact, Chloe and I got so absorbed in learning about the cars and their history (or more truthfully admiring the beautiful machines themselves) that we were reluctant to learn that there was only 20 minutes to closing, well before we neared the exit. We lingered as long as possible before we headed back to the car park and its own monotonous collection of vehicles. As we hopped into the gray little Citroën that awaited us, we imagined ourselves driving away in one of the more glamorous contraptions. A dream it shall remain… I am yet to have ever owned a car, let alone a rare vintage one, and considering all the expenses that come with maintaining a vehicle, not to mention the negative environmental effects, I am quite happy taking public transport. Still, I do enjoy going for a drive when the chance arises…


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