Camden Street Art

Camden has it’s fair share of street murals and graffiti style paintings. I enjoyed the colour and vibrancy they added to the bustling streets, the mix of styles and subjects creating a fresh and diverse ensemble.

One mural which caught my eye depicted soft portraits, of which one depicts a young indigenous Australian in ceremonial body paint. The fairy like hair/headdress adds an ephemeral element to the painting, like a ghost of the past or perhaps the lost stories of the dreaming. According to the tag at the top right, it’s a piece by Dale Grimshaw a well established London Street artist.

It was touching to see this here- the presence of a culture so tragically disrupted by the British invasion, so often forgotten and abandoned. An accusation perhaps? Or a reminder of a history so often pushed aside? A question about the benefits of British imposed ‘society’? The Dumbo reference and the roller coaster are lost on me. The futility of entertainment, and it’s human cost? I’m not sure exactly what the message is here, but it speaks to me, connecting me with the tragic history of my homeland.


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