Colmar, a small town of the Upper Rhine in the French region of Alsace is intruiging. I spent a week there staying with Chloe, an Australian friend, and Priska and Dédé, her Alsatian aunt and uncle. Not only does Colmar have an interesting variety of traditional Alsatian cottages lining the canals and square of the city centre, it also has many impressive constructions from the 19th century which are influenced both by regional and Parisian styles. The colourful houses make for a cheery atmosphere, even on sleepy Monday mornings.

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Coming back through the city centre after visiting La Petite Venise, my friend Chloe and I were met with the distinct sounds of an accordian. Well recognised as the typical instrument of the region, according to Dédé it is well loved by some and hated by others.

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Colmar and the Alsace region is well known for the storks that nest on the roofs of it’s houses. The old tax quarters, with its trompe d’oeil gates, has a cute mural of a pair of storks attending to their nests. Assuming this was a touristy gimmik, I was very suprised to find, a few moments later a pair of storks nesting on the peak of cathedral!

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Colmar is a lovely town and I was glad to go in the ‘quiet’ season- after the queues of people hoping to buy treats at the famous Christmas markets and well before the summer and the grape harvest.



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