Not so simple

This reflection is from a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it because it remains a challenge sometimes to remain positive in the face of the unknown and the unfamiliar. 

Today was one of those days when things just seem a little harder than usual.

My class in the morning was difficult, although it was meant to be a revision session, at the end of two hours most of the class was left scratching their heads in confusion. I then met up with friends to work on a group assignment, which we feel as though we are making progress on, but still aren’t entirely sure what the task requires of us.

Once home, I decided I ought to make sure that the money I had transferred into my french account had indeed arrived. Three attempts at my password later and I was locked out of my online profile. I went into the bank, thankfully the cheerful assistant was more than happy to provide me with a new password, and to let me know that yes, the transfer had indeed been processed.

Finally I went to the train station to collect tickets for the next weekend- and discovered I’d booked the wrong date of departure when I bought them weeks ago! I couldn’t believe it. I was so relieved to have realised my mistake before the date on the ticket though, as it meant it was possible to exchange the wrong train for one leaving closer to the date I had originally aimed for. Next time, I’m double triple checking before I click “confirm purchase”.

All these little challenges on top of one another had left me feeling quite overwhelmed. I was glad to stumble across an art gallery, which whilst mainly housing displays for interior design, also featured the works of Paul Bergignat, a French artist. His works had a lovely mix of texture, and the gentle mix of tree silhouettes, river-like patterns and hazy skies was soothing. I stood and enjoyed the paintings, half listening to the conversation of the owner and a client, discussing the aesthetic value of a side table. You can see the paintings in the exposition here.


Paul Bergignat, mise au point. Oil on canvas 100 x100cm.

Later that evening I went out to a café-bar with a friend, to sit inside watching the rain and debrief on the little difficulties of our day. No matter where you are in the world, it’s important to have good friends to help turn your frustration into laughter and to remind you to look back on the day with a smile.


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