Les films

Since I’ve been in Tours, I’ve seen a lot of movies! The first film I saw with my friends Noémie and Ana, who live not far from me, was Les Souvenirs (Memories). We had a lovely evening, chatting over hot chocolates beforehand, talking about the movie after. The others didn’t really enjoy it as much as I did- for Ana it was too sad (although I found it uplifting) and for Noémie it was rather soppy (she likes action films and thrillers)- but we found it interesting to discuss nonetheless.

IMG_5989 (2)

I’ve seen the French dubbed version of ‘Dracula‘ with friends in the TV room (I don’t recommend it particularly, although the ending is quite comical), ‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘ in English with French subtitles (This film really got me thinking, had a fantastic plot, and was good revision for my studies on learning and memory for Psychology) and almost went along to see Un Prophète (a French film, with no subtitles, mostly in slang and shockingly violent – a film which my friends left early because they couldn’t endure anymore), all of which were screened for free.

Last but not least, I went to see ‘Sotto una bella stella’ during the Italian Film Festival, which cost me 3 euro, about the price of a cuppa. I have to say I was glad of the French subtitles! I loved the humour in this film, it had the audience in stitches at some points. However it also touched on the difficulties of this life- and for me, it made this film all the more wonderful.

Normally I’m not much of a film person, but I really enjoy seeing films in another language. I’m not sure if it’s the chance to discover conversational norms without eavesdropping on others’ private conversations, the challenge of guessing a word’s meaning from the general context, or the wonderful feeling of knowing you get the joke, but there is something very satisfying about watching a film in French. Everything seems more appealing, more exotic and more of a cognitive challenge.


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