Jiro Taniguchi

Above:  “le vaisseau mœbius”

This building,  once named “le site castro”  after the architect who created it in the 1980s, was renamed in 2013 in honour of Jean Giraud aka Mœbius (1938-2012) who lived as an artist (illustration, bd and cinema) working under  both his birth name and a pseudonym. The mirrored glass creates some fascinating patterns and was the source of amusement for a pair of girls playing in the square while their parents waited in line.

Inside the building, we visited an exhibition on Jiro Taniguchi. Many of his manga series have been translated into French. The exhibition included original works using watercolours and Indian inks, which could then be discovered in their printed form. I loved the images from his Mangaka set in Venice-  I could recognise St Marco from my memories of when our family traveled through France and Italy about ten years ago.

After absorbing the exhibition, we took a rest in the Graphic Novel Library located on the second floor. I read a BD about Max Winson: a tennis player who never lost a match. It made me think about all my friends and family watching the Australian Open back home.


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