La Boulangerie

The local bakery is a two minute walk away, and seems to run a good business, as there always seems to be a few people ordering their bread, despite the small size of the store. The bread there is better and cheaper than in the supermarket, so it’s become an important part of my week to visit the bakery to buy une tradition or une campagne. I have been loving my baguettes for lunch and my tartines for breakfast dipped in my tea.

The bakery also sells beautiful treats, much more cheaply than in the tearooms, cafes and patisseries en centre ville . Last time I went up to the bakery, I couldn’t resist buying une tartlette des amandes aux poires: a little pear tart with an almond base. I shared it with my friend and flatemate Nicole, and the opinion was unanimous- utter deliciousness.

I’ve also had a taste of the chocolate-caramel tartlette that Nicole bought yesterday, and the high expectations were duly met. The paper which is used to wrap the baguettes is covered with cute little slogans- French proverbs and sayings rephrased to revolve around bread. For example, ‘Better to have a half-loaf than no bread at all’ and ‘A day without bread is a long day indeed’. It’s nice to be able to visit the same store each week and to build up a little rapport with the wife and husband duo who run the place. I love this little boulangerie/patisserie!


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