La Loire

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The Loire River is so beautiful, and only a fifteen minute walk from where I live. I am constantly amazed by the strength and power of the current. As you can see in the photos, the surface of the river is constantly in motion. Walking downstream, I have to jog to keep pace with the flow of the water. I was inspired by the little duck I saw swimming with all its might to move forward against the current. It’s an image I’ll come back to the next time I encounter a difficult day. Just like this little duck fighting against the stream, I can keep pushing through the challenges that come with being in a foreign land, far from home and unable to express myself as clearly as I’d like to. I’ve been told that as time passes from winter into summer, the depth and the strength of the water will go down. Hopefully, the challenges of communication will likewise decrease, until I hardly notice the effort required to keep up with the flow of conversation. That’s my hope, at least.


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