City Streets

Since Bordeaux has a lot of pedestrianised streets (especially on the weekends) cars are not very useful en centre-ville (in the city centre). For this reason, a lot of people either ride bicycles, motor-bikes or scooters. Whilst I did spy a few motorcycles, scooters were much more common place. There were a lot of different colours and styles- and some were parked in very odd places. Here are a few photos of the more interesting scooters I saw, as well as a bit of graffiti/street art (thankfully not on the beautiful old stone walls of the city, but on more modern structures). You can see in the picture of the traffic light that there are little sensors installed on most pedestrian crossings in France. The sensor recognises that a person is waiting to cross the street and changes the lights so the traffic stops to let them cross- no need to press a button the way you do in Australia. Last but not least is a picture of a beautiful cement mixer, painted with a desert landscape. I really enjoyed the diversity of vehicles in the streets and seeing the pop of colour and modernity they bought to the place.


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