Bye-bye Bordeaux

Bordeaux was a lovely city to visit and I really enjoyed my time there. I was very lucky to have such lovely hosts, who went out of their way to make me feel at home. The apartment was lovely- cute, spacious (with a lot of light) and most importantly, warm.

I also had the delight of meeting a family friend, Amanda. She is English, and it was nice to have someone I could speak with fully, without having to change the nuances of what I wanted to express to fit within the limits of my French vocabulary. She also generously took me out for lunch and gave me a brief tour of her workplace- the National Law School. It was nice to meet her children as well, who are bilingual in French and English, having grown up speaking English at home and French with friends and at school.

I found Bordeaux very beautiful, yet not too overwhelming, and would be happy to find myself back there again, walking along the riverside promenade and through cobblestone streets of the old town.


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