I was intrigued enough by this statue placed  in ‘Theatre Square’ (place de la Comédie) that I went online to discover its name – and also discovered an interesting story behind its presence in the city. In 2013, from June  to October, the City of Bordeaux hosted a public exposition of monumental sculptures by the Catalan artist Jaume Plensa in its streets and squares. Due to the popularity of the event, one of the works remained in place for several additional months. This work, a large ‘face’ titled Sanna, is not a full bodied head as it appears to be when viewed from certain angles but is actually very narrow and elongated.

Jaume Plensa- Sanna

Jaume Plensa- Sanna

At the request of numerous inhabitants of Bordeaux, a public subscription was initiated by the city council with the goal of one day acquiring the sculpture as a pubic monument.  This crowd funding venture was closed on the first of June last year (2014).  A total sum of 54 461 € was raised thanks to the input of 501 donors- but it was not enough. As the acquisition of the statue was not possible, the city council now has the task of contacting each donor in order to reimburse them.

For the moment, the statue remains in its temporary home and people are able to enjoy the contrast between the serene expression of her face and the tricks she plays on the eye.


Sanna of Bordeaux

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