Bienvenue et Bonne Année!

I have been very lucky to have spent four days with my little sister who is already in France on a school-based exchange.
Since she was on holidays with her host family, I went to meet them at their holiday home at L’Ile-de-Ré. It was fantastic to meet the family and the two other couples sharing the house. They were all very patient and accepting of my mistakes, and willing to engage in conversation with une petite australienne.  Not only did I receive a wonderful welcome to France, including an introduction to the country’s gastronomical delicacies, I got to tour the island by bike- thus pedaling off all the excess food and keeping myself warm at the same time.

It was very special to spend the new year with my sister, to meet her family and to see the amazing progress that she has made since her arrival in late August. She is a real inspiration to me: I’m very grateful that we can speak French together and share our similar, yet different,  French adventures.



One thought on “Bienvenue et Bonne Année!

  1. Dear Gabby, So far it sounds as if you are having a great time . Yes getting a map before you start wandering is a very good idea, having experienced being lost in Strasbourg I know the feeling God Bless Love Grandma


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