Only 2 sleeps to go…

Time has flown and soon I myself will be flying. I have been busy making a list and checking it twice to ensure that I’ve packed everything I need and not much more than that. There have been a few important purchases (and a few very useful birthday/Christmas gifts): a case/pack hybrid to carry everything, a portable tablet to replace my aging laptop, a first aid kit, a microfibre towel and some thermals- essential for the temperatures I’ll be facing!

I still have a little more packing to do and some last minute things to organise, but it’s good to have some tasks to keep my mind busy. Over these past few days, full of Christmas gatherings, my trip away has been a focal point of many conversations. ‘Are you looking forward to it?’ I’ve been asked again and again. ‘Yes, I am.’ That said, I don’t know exactly what it is I’m in for, just that it will be a great opportunity and that I will have a great time and hopefully make some great friends. As the day of departure approaches and I head out into unknown territory, it’s good have people show their encouragement of, support for and even excitement about my decision to go off on this adventure.


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