Reading Up


I have been making the most of my subscriptions to the local and university libraries in order to do a little research before I leave Australia. My book list includes tomes on travel advice, packing advice (very useful!), French language and a compilation of essays on translation (a good way to be exposed to the appropriate register and tone of written French at university level). I have also visited Project Gutenberg to stock up on French classics for my kindle – I was very lucky to stumble across a set of short stories, which is much easier to commit to than 800 pages of heavy literature.

As well as books, I have been immersing myself in podcasts. Francais Authentique remains my favourite French language podcast, whilst Join us in France has been spruiking my interest in travel. I’m also lucky that my local library signs its members up to a music library which enables 5 free downloads a week. Needless to say Zaz, Rose, Edith Piaf, Stromae and other Francophone singers have been added to my music library.

Now that exams are over,  I’ve watched a few French movies (available for free thanks to SBS On Demand) to practice listening in to everyday language. It’s good to know that all these resources are available when I come back to Australia, there will still be ways to (momentarily) immerse myself in French.


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